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Angel Cordero was recently released from prison after
serving close to13 years for a crime he did not commit.

Angel Cordero is Innocent
the proof speaks for itself. Even after his release, Angel and
his family are determined to fight until justice is served!

Crime & Arrest

At 2:00 am on May 16th, 1999, Angel Cordero was arrested and charged with the attempted murder of a man who was walking towards his house in the Hunts Point section of the Bronx. The man was assaulted and robbed by, he testified, a number of youths. Four plainclothes Bronx Gang Unit police officers driving by the scene in an unmarked car observed the tail end of the assault. As the man, who had been stabbed, dragged himself to his nearby house, the officers descended upon and arrested 5 young men: Angel Cordero, who at age 26 had no prior criminal record; his brother and codefendant, Ramon Rivas; Pierre Robinson, Julio Sanchez and Gregory Martin. All five were indicted. The latter three plead guilty at an early stage of the proceedings.

At Mr. Cordero’s and Rivas’s joint trial for attempted murder and related crimes, the prosecution and defense presented two competing versions of the assault. The victim of the assault and four officers testified for the people that both Mr. Cordero and Rivas had been active participants in the group and that in fact Mr. Cordero had been the stabber. The defense presented witnesses, including eyewitnesses, that Mr. Cordero and Rivas had crossed the street and arrived on the scene only after the assault was over. According to the defense, the real stabber was Dario Rodriguez, a multiple felon and local drug dealer, who escaped during the melee. Several of the defendants had stated in their initial interrogation the night of arrest that Dario Rodriguez had committed the stabbing. Two defense witnesses testified at trial that Dario had confessed his guilt to them. Dario himself testified as a prosecutions witness claiming that although he was close to the scene, he was with his wife and young child and therefore could not have participated in the violence.
Regardless of all the evidence Angel Cordero and Ramon Rivas were convicted and sentenced to 15 years in prison.
Ramon Rivas was later released due to judicially inappropriate actions made by the court.


Since his conviction Angel has submitted a number of motions to the court. All of which have added additional supporting evidence of his innocence including the following:

  • At his trial a witness who Dario confessed to was not allowed to testify, regardless of the courts knowledge of her desire.
  • Numerous substantiated CCRB complaints against the lead officer in the arrest, proving his history of misconduct.
  • Excessive sentencing.
  • Suppression of Brady evidence- Dario’s alleged status as a police informant.
  • Prosecutorial misconduct for misleading the jury. DNA evidence to support the defenses argument that none of the victims blood was on Angel Cordero’s person; a point of argument for the prosecution through out the trial.
  • The testimony of a Nun, including a signed log book, which confirms Dario Rodriguez lied about being with his wife that night, that his alibi was untrue and that he perjured himself due to an obvious need to create an alibi for the night of the assault.
  • The confession and sworn testimony of Dario Rodriguez, who now admits to committing the crime.

All of these motions have been denied and after many desperate pleas and even being taken advantage of by various paid professionals, Angel’s family was able to reach out to Barry Pollack and his team. They agreed to take on Angel’s case pro bono and recently filed a new motion.

New Current Motions
  • This new motion has added newly discovered evidence including SEVEN (7) newly found eyewitnesses who have given sworn statements and are willing to testify proving Angel Cordero is Innocent AND supporting that Dario Rodriguez is guilty.

This motion requesting a hearing to present the evidence was denied by the same judge who denied the prior motions. The decision is currently being appealed by Barry Pollack & team. Angel is currently waiting for a response from the appellate court.

The appellate divison recently denied the motion with 7 new witnesses. Attorney's and investigators alike cannot understand why the denial came down with the surmounting evidence proving Angel Cordero was wrongfully convicted.

The battle continues!!!
Again new evidence has come to light, new witnesses have come forward and more investigations are underway. Currently the new details are being organized and another motion will be submitted to the courts.
Regardless of Angel Cordero's release he and his family will continue on the path of seeking true justice!
True Freedom does not exist for Angel Cordero as long as this conviction stands!

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